Summer Winter Mode

Summer will become a distant memory, after that, we will on our way into the colder months, but this does not mean it is time to turn off your ceiling fan. In fact, your ceiling fan can help you save energy costs and help you stay warm!

Why do you need to use the Ceiling Fan Reverse Function?

We all know that hot air will rise. In winter, we will perceive that all the warm and comfortable air will be trapped near the roof! Ceiling fan manufacturers will add a practical function to most modern ceiling fans to help inhale warm air in winter! Most ceiling fans have a summer/winter switch on the hub of the ceiling fan. This button allows you to change the direction of the ceiling fan. When you turn the fan upside down, it draws the cooler air upwards, allowing the warmer air near the ceiling to circulate downwards back to the lower half of the room. This will effectively prevent warm air from gathering near the ceiling and avoid people in the room being surrounded by cool air, especially when they are sitting or lying down. Ceiling fans installed in winter will help to evenly heat the space. You can use this function to set the thermostat lower to save your heating costs!

ceiling fan reversal
Smart Ceiling Fan with Reversal Function

How the Ceiling Fan Keep Your House Ventilated?

A ceiling fan at home can help maintain air circulation. It is also crucial when the windows are closed tightly in winter. Ceiling fans can keep the air fresh, and we absolutely need this when we can’t stay outside as much as we want and the weather is too cold to keep the windows open.

We are now launching smart ceiling fans, all of them with summer and winter modes, allowing you to achieve one-button operation via remote control or mobile app in any season. Our ceiling fan is also very quiet because our ceiling fan uses a BLDC motor. After closing the windows, you will rarely hear outside noises, and you will hardly hear the noises made by our fans. Our ceiling fans are also environmentally friendly, have low operating costs, and require very little maintenance, so you can run them with confidence throughout the year.

Do you need a new ceiling fan to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer? Take a look at our website, we have fans of styles that suit almost any taste, and we can provide OEM or ODM.
Remember, if you feel cold in winter, just run the fan in a clockwise direction at a lower setting. You will see and feel the benefits in terms of comfort, air quality, and heating costs!